Expert Advisor Forex Software

Don’t know Forex? Not to worry, we got you covered!

Dolluzz EA Forex Software

Dolluzz is a software that trades foreign currency on supported brokers automatically 24 hours, 5 days a week. Whether you have little to no knowledge on Forex or if your an expert, this software is for you!  Our software is hosted on a VPS aka Cloud Computer which is included in the monthly subscription, as this provides a dedicated connection to the internet and is always online.

Manual Trading

You need to be an expert, very time consuming, potentially miss out on trades and can be very risky.


Don’t need experience in Forex, trades while you sleep, recovery algorithms to minimise losses and best of all 100% hands FREE!

What do we provide?

Ultimate Forex Auto Trading Software

Whether you are a complete novice or a trained expert in Forex, it is exhausting when it comes to trading, especially if something goes wrong. There are traders who dream of a partner who is intelligent, not exposed to emotions, logical, always looking for profitable trades, and who can execute trades almost immediately. If you’re looking for all of the above, the search might be over, as all of these qualities also describe the best automated trading software for Forex.

Our Software
  • Auto Trading Software
  • Proven records and real results
  • Mobile app via Metarader 5
  • Reliable VPS Included
  • Your broker, Our Software
Supported Brokers
  • Trader’s Way
  • Pepperstone
What are you getting?
  • 1 FX Software Per Broker
  • 1:1 Account Appointment
  • Unlimited Trades Per Account
  • Ongoing Training
  • And more…
Broker Settings
  • $1000 or more
  • Metarader 5
  • ECN
  • Hedging Account
  • 1:200 Leverage or Higher

Results speak for themselves!

Our software, Your Broker

You have total control of your own funds!

Our software uses scalping trading strategy and averages 40-50+ trades per pair per month on average. Hedging and Self-Recovery trading algorithm, which requires no hard stop loss settings.

Easy Setup

Once you purchase your monthly subscription you will be required to book an appointment with our service desk engineers who will help you setup your software, linking your broker account and to get you started.

VPS Recommened

Rather than leaving your computer on wasting electric or using your home connection, we recommend that our software is installed on your own VPS. Think of it as a computer in the cloud. Its always on and has dedicated connection to the internet.


You will constantly receive the latest updates on our software and its done for you automatically. Our technical support is within a click away and is open 24 hours, 7 days a week so were always here to help.

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